Sakra Home Health Care

Sakra family will now take care of your family. Introducing the best healthcare services at your doorstep and at your comfort with personal (humane) touch. We help you remain functional and live in the most dignified fashion possible. Sakra Home Health Care (SHHC) services enable you to live out your golden years gracefully and comfortably. Giving you and your family a sense of security through peace of mind, SHHC services will readily fill your medical, emotional and ADL needs while ensuring that you receive compassionate, emphathetic and professional level of care you deserve

Caregiving comes with questions that need answers. Our professionals provide knowledge and guidance to keep you informed and help you care for your loved ones.

Our Services


  • Injection, Infusion, Dressing/Small/Medium/Large
  • Ryle's tube/PEG feeding
  • Catheterization, Bladder wash, Vital check, ECG, Suture removal/Staple removal/Enema/Evacuation
  • Tracheostomy care
  • IVF/Hormonal injections
  • Nebulisation
  • Colostomy care/Bag change
  • RTPCR home collection service (COVID-19 Test)


  • Vital signs check
  • GRBS check
  • Dressing - Small/Medium/Large
  • Nebulization/Steam inhalation
  • Care of pressure sore/Back care
  • Ryle's tube insertion & feeding
  • Bed bath
  • Enema/Evacuation/Diaper changing
  • Catheter care/Bladder wash
  • Lab sample collection
  • Injections - IV, IM, SC
  • COVID-19 Home Isolation Package - 14days
  • ECG
  • Suture removal & Clip removal
  • Colostomy bag changing & irrigation
  • Tracheotomy care & suctioning
  • Chemo Port care/Flushing, PICC line care, Central line care
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • ICU/HDU care
  • Continuous O2
  • IV infusion & Antibiotic administration

Specialised care