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January, 2023

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Comprehensive Advanced Neurorehabilitation - A miraculous recovery story | Sakra

Sakra World Hospital witnessed a miraculous recovery story of a 36-year-old with severe head injuries...


July, 2022

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Alignment of teeth

The procedure was slightly challenging to adjust to but it was worth it...

Treatment: Teeth Alignment

Patient Name: Kushal Agarwal

Testimonials By: Kushal Agarwal


June, 2022

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Tanisha Kumari shares her experience of her mother's treatment at

I am Tanisha Kumari writing you this note on the day of my mother's discharge....


June, 2022

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I wish Dr. Ramya and her team continued success in

I'm regularly availing treatment for my dental issue from Sakra for the last couple of...


May, 2022

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Thanks to Dr. Ramya and his team to bring back

We visited the doctor 2 years back with severe gum infection and loose teeth issue....

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